How Can I Help?

Great Question!! There are so many ways you can help! Raising awareness is so important for EB.

  • You can visit our store at Hunter’s Wish and purchase any item and wear to show everyone you are aware of EB.
  • You can help by just talking about EB.
  • Hunter’s Wish is looking for Sponsors, if you or your company is interested please contact us.
  • We are happy to visit any company, school, etc and talk about EB. Each of your staff can wear a Hunter’s Wish t-shirt on a particular day for awareness to the community.
  • Your child can collect change in his or her classroom or have a lemonade stand to raise funds for EB. I would be happy to donate a shirt or bracelet to that child.
  • Hunter’s wish will be having fundraisers such as a launch event in later 2014 and a 5k Run/Walk. We are looking for volunteers, raffle items and sponsors.
  • Ask a local restaurant to donate food and have some people over to talk about EB.
  • Ask a local business to do an EB Event, such as a Trampoline Park. You can set up a few hours and a portion of what you pay can go towards Hunter’s Wish.
  • If you are interested in doing some type of awareness or fundraising and not sure what to do, contact me and I will help you! Together we can do this!
  • Hunter’s Wish is Pending our 501c3 status.


Please email us at or call for more info about how you can help with events.

Every donation brings us closer to finding a cure.